Business Intelligence Developer

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Date Posted: 26-06-2018
Assignment Term: 5 months Part Time contract
As required / not dedicated. Estimated number of hours per week 20.
Closing Date: July 10th, 2018
Introduction & Background
Our enterprise client is looking to capitalize on its in-house software by building a dashboard that is capable of reporting on existing tools. The organization currently has several tools tracking inventory, cost, and license usage in various areas which are not set up to communicate with one another. Reporting on our existing tools in a single location will help the company achieve licensing compliance and assess how effectively the company is using the tools it is currently paying for.
This work will evolve once it begins. The selected resource will be required to propose the product and workplan for product completion.
Project Scope & Objectives
  • Develop dashboard to optimize and consolidate currently used tools leveraging existing technology;
  • Gather knowledge from existing tools such as SCCM, asset management, and manual spreadsheets;
  • Focus on top 5-10 vendors (Microsoft, Oracle, VM ware, ESRI, and AutoDesk);
  • Capability to talk to data sources outside the organization and pull user information into the dashboard;
  • Exploration of automation opportunity for current manual processes;
  • Designing and implementation of a strategy for better tracking cost, licensing complexity and usage of hybrid environments.
Essential Skills
  • Ability to analyse business requirements and translate into technical product which meets those requirements;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Experience with Power BI dashboards and reporting (2-5 years);
  • Preferred experience in latest tools Power BI/Data Virtualization etc. (2+ years);
  • Experience in developing data virtualization solutions (e.g. semantic layer) by combining disparate data sources using Denodo Data Virtualization platform (2+ years).
  • Experiences in data and requirements analysis;
  • Experience working with multiple data sources and reporting tools;
  • Ability to work within a defined budget.
Desired Skills:
  • Experience in dashboard creation;
  • Experience communicating with multiple stakeholders to determine business needs and licensing functionality;
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